Breeding Stock

For more than 30 years, Whiteshire Hamroc has been using expert stockmanship and evaluation skills to produce elite swine breeding stock through innovative genetic improvement techniques.  Our large herd size allows us to provide swine genetics to producers, both domestically and internationally.


Utilizing our patented vertical air flow system, proprietary heat exchangers and automated control, Airworks is the standard for excellence in pig building systems.  

Tissue Source

At our farm, we raise a special group of pigs according to an exacting scientific protocol for use in human medicine and research.

Crop Management

We manage approximately 3,000 acres of row crops each year, the grain from which is fed to our pigs, which then produce nutrient-rich manure that is injected into the soil as a natural plant food to replace fertility and micro-nutrients used by last year’s crops.

Genetic Improvement & Production Management Services

All boars and purebred gilts are individually tested for growth rate and carcass characteristics. This uncompromising evaluation is one of the many steps we take to identify truly superior individuals to use in genetic improvement.

In addition to testing, records are analyzed for selection on critical economic factors, such as longevity, sow parity, farrowing rate, mortality loss and breeding intervals.

Evaluation of physical traits is incorporated into our selection process, including underline quality; youth, maturity pattern, vulva size and set.

Of all the traits evaluated, our experience shows that skeletal correctness of feet, legs, pelvis and spine lead the way in allowing genetic improvement to be expressed.

Testing includes 3rd party image auditing and measurements.