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About Us


Blending tradition

Whiteshire Hamroc is a family farming operation leading innovation in agriculture through an entrepreneurial spirit born of 

generations on the land.


And Innovation

Through the years, we've developed improvement systems for our farm and customers in the U.S. and around the world


Around the World

In addition to grain farming, our world class swine breeding program brings top quality swine genetics to farmers in the U.S., Canada and Asia through our alliance partnership with AirWorks, Puretek Genetics and AgriNovus.  In early 2019, we started a new chapter in our swine production with The Maschhoffs.

AgriNovus Interview with Dr. Mike Lemmon

AgriNovus Interview with Dr. Mike Lemmon at the 2015 Indiana AgBiosciences Innovation Summit.

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Journey to Harvest with Pioneer

Check out this great video about our Journey to Harvest with Pioneer.